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Investment Philosophy

The Three Levers:

Investment  management for charitable organizations is about more than just picking  a firm or an investment representative that you like.  More important,  it's about understanding the three levers of charitable investments for  your assets:



Anticipated Rate of Return

Understanding  these variables, in turn, add clarity and insight into other factors  such as asset allocation, diversification and risk.

Our Role:


We  work with various investment firms that have been fully vetted by our  firm and our experience.  Indeed, we only recommend firms that already  understand the unique dynamics of charitable assets and, equally  important, will be a good personal match with the leaders of your  organization. 

Serving from a completely objective  perspective, we can assist in the evaluation and selection of a firm  appropriate to your unique needs and circumstances.  Regardless of your  selection, our custody-free gift administration services allow the  selection of investment counsel which is right for you without fear of  disrupting donor payments.