The 21st century model for gift administration

Additional Information

Thomas Mitchell & Associates does not believe in the statement, "it has always been done that way". Our objective is to keep charitable organizations in the gift acceptance business and out of the liability management business. We also believe that your administrator should not be your largest annuitant.

We strive to provide the most efficient reporting as possible for the finance office. Accuracy is much more valuable than fancy reports, and not overpaying for hype is our motto.

Our unique partnership with Charitable Gift America allows your organization, should it choose, to relieve itself of the liability of charitable gift annuities and some CRT's. This allows you to build assets rather than be consumed by the management of liabilities. Keep the gift, lose the liability.

The cottage industry is dominated by one way of thinking. We believe there are better ways than "the way it has always been done". Call or write today to find out how this service can work for your organization.